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Linde LaChance in a black leather jacket and red lipstick. Her hand is in her hair, looking at the camera

OUT 11.17

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"Me Tonight" holds so much special meaning for me. I've always struggled with piling way too much on my plate, being a bit of a people pleaser, and inevitably getting overwhelmed when I can't handle all that I wish to accomplish. "Me Tonight" is about the feeling of being stretched too thin and how I handle that- you know, by obsessively cleaning my house until I have a sense of control or throwing away the ever-growing avalanche of to-go boxes in my fridge. I sometimes get frustrated with myself when I spiral into the disorganized, overwhelmed zone thinking, "Is this just what I'm like?? Or can I conquer this feeling and it's just what I feel in this moment?" If you've ever felt this way and struggled with these feelings, I'm here for you. And I hope this song helps. <3 


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